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13/06/2019 12:57

Fieseler Storch D-EKLU moved into its new nest

On March 27, 2019 at 15:00 local time, the Fieseler Storch D-EKLU moved into its new nest, the...

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16/10/2018 11:13

Foundations ready. The assembly of the presentation hall takes place from 19th of Nov. 2018

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21/11/2017 11:28

Presentation Hall

By a plenary session of the last Friday, the construction of the planned presentation hall was...

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15/03/2017 12:37

World's first glider towing flight in Kassel

Here is an interesting link to an article in the HNA on the world's first glider towing flight in...

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10/02/2017 10:13

Where is the planned presentation hall?

We have always asked ourselves the same question. The reason is certainly our limited budget, but...

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25/03/2016 11:17

WMW - looking for participating people and objects

At time and for our planned event "Wheels Meet Wings" we are going to plan and generate the program...

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23/03/2016 09:47

Our planned Event "Wheels Meet Wings" is going on and reach important milestones

After many, demanding (and not always pleasant) hours and days of planning, we got the...

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23/03/2016 09:37

Herman Riede left us forever

Our long-standing and dedicated club member Hermann Riede has left us forever, after months of...

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23/03/2016 09:29

Responsible Persons to Guarantee High Quality Maintenance and Repair

To ensure the further and proper maintenance of the aircraft, as well as to organize air...

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23/01/2016 16:21

We have to say goodbye to Klaus Hessenmüller

We have to say goodbye to our aviator comrade, friend and honorary member, Klaus Hessenmüller...

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Fieseler Storch für Kassel e.V.

Fieseler-Storch-Str. 30
D-34379 Calden

Tel.: +4956749239680
Fax: +4956749239682

 Simulated flight over the terrain of the Regional Airport Kassel-Calden by the Fieseler Stork D-EKLU 

Comment: At time only executable by MS-Explorer (CODEC XVID)!



Interest in flying overhead Kassel and the Airport with the STORK D-EKLU?

Youtube-Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJXJseQY0e-p3AZFAEIwnmA

More information regharding the development project: "Fieseler Stork Simulator": www.storch-simulator.de