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21/11/2017 11:28

Presentation Hall

By a plenary session of the last Friday, the construction of the planned presentation hall was approved.Unfortunately and regarding to the existing funds, the hall have to be constructed in scaled down version. The hall (heat-insulated, heated, large areas of light, elaborate floor) has a eaves...
15/03/2017 12:37

World's first glider towing flight in Kassel

Here is an interesting link to an article in the HNA on the world's first glider towing flight in Kassel-Waldau. Gerhard Fieseler was thus the first towing pilot.
10/02/2017 10:13

Where is the planned presentation hall?

We have always asked ourselves the same question. The reason is certainly our limited budget, but also many "commitments" of possible funding and supporters, which in the specific case prove to be useless, but which always influence our plans. Also,the club coild nopt be managed like a company....
25/03/2016 11:17

WMW - looking for participating people and objects

At time and for our planned event "Wheels Meet Wings" we are going to plan and generate the program and its concrete presentations. Slowly, our associated site will be filled with the detailed presentation of individual and participating vintage cars and planes -...
23/03/2016 09:47

Our planned Event "Wheels Meet Wings" is going on and reach important milestones

After many, demanding (and not always pleasant) hours and days of planning, we got the signature enabled contract with all parties. Even our transport and implementation plan was approved.Of course and parallel, we have in contact/contracts with many potential participants and...
23/03/2016 09:37

Herman Riede left us forever

Our long-standing and dedicated club member Hermann Riede has left us forever, after months of illness. Even a few days ago, he was full of energy to beat the disease with a strong will and the drugs - it turned out differently. With its reliability, straightforwardness and...
23/03/2016 09:29

Responsible Persons to Guarantee High Quality Maintenance and Repair

To ensure the further and proper maintenance of the aircraft, as well as to organize air operations, the following responsibilities have been determined: - Klaus-Jürgen Scholz (Bubi) for flight operations and related maintenance and repairs mailto : - Oliver...
23/01/2016 16:21

We have to say goodbye to Klaus Hessenmüller

We have to say goodbye to our aviator comrade, friend and honorary member, Klaus Hessenmüller . Klaus was responsible for managing and carry out the demanding restoration of the Fieseler Stork according to European and worldwide standards and over more than six years. By his extremely high level of...
19/11/2015 16:09

Fieseler Stork in history - Four 3D models which are in use by the simulator

Manufactured in Kassel-Waldau by Fieseler 1943 for the use by RommelDuring WW2 in SwedenAfter WW2, used by a bavarian gliding club for towing glidersUsed by a privat ownerBought by the Museum of KasselActual and complete restored according to original documents 
19/11/2015 15:58

Fieseler Stork D-EKLU Simulator in development phase

Students of the University of Kassel are currently developing a simulator of the Fieseler Storch D-EKLU, which tracks our Storch substantially. The cockpit is close to the original 1:1 and the controls solve the corresponding functions. The instruments are in the right places and...

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