Fotogalerie: D-EKLU 3D-Animation

In the currently planned presentation building at the Regional Airport Kassel-Calden, a real 3D-animation shall be installed.

By 3D-terminals, a true 3D view without optical aids shall be possible. The Fieseler Storch D-EKLU and the scenario hovering right before the visitors/operators in the air and can be manipulated via gesture control.

Arrival and departure by the Fieseler Stork D-EKLU to the Regional Airport Kassel-Calden shall be possible, as well as a virtual passage through the plane.
At present, 3D objects are developed (
). A selection of 3D objects is shown above, also to "tune in" to the planned animation.

Additional and for our "small visitors", 3D-films shall be activated which could be easy manipulated.  

As example you can start a Flight over Regional Airport Kassel-Calden terrain by the Fieseler Stork D-EKLU.