The ARGUS AS 10 is a contiguous (ie cylinder down, crank up) eight-cylinder V-engine with 90 ° bank angle.
The hanging valves are operated by a central, five-bearing camshaft via tappets, pushrods, rocker arms and roller bearings. The camshaft is driven by spur gears. The valve train is fully enclosed and made oil-tight.
Carburetor are two back-airworthy SUM 729a or 730a. The dry sump lubrication system is equipped with a pressure pump and two scavenge pumps and can be extended by an oil pump for inverted flight. Three coarse filter for cleaning oil and a gap filters are provided.
The usual plane Double-Ignition with two magnetos and two-stage electric adjustment of the ignition came from Bosch. To start the ignition is turned to "late" (after overcoming the ignition top dead center), which prevents a misfire in the engine kickback and lets start the engine better. After start-up is immediately switched to pre-ignition.
Let the engine is either a manual starting device (hand crank) or a Bosch starter for the 24-volt DC electrical system.
Currently, only a very small number of Argus AS-10 engines in use. It may well be less than ten pieces in overhauled and / or airworthy condition worldwide, three of which are used in the still-flying German Messerschmitt Bf 108 and two in airworthy Fieseler storks. How many store potentially viable restoration engines in museums or in private hands, but can not be determined. The few remaining vintage aircraft with an original Argus AS-10 engine are still occasionally shown on airshows.
Specifications As 10 C:
V8 hanging, 90 ° cylinder angle, Otto four-stroke, air-cooled
Compression ratio 6.9:1
Bore × stroke: 120 mm × 140 mm
Total displacement: 12.667 cc
Start Power: (5 min) 240 hp (176 kW) at a speed of 2000 rpm
Emergency Power: (30 min) 220 hp (162 kW) at a speed of 1940/min
Travel Power: 200 hp (147 kW) at a speed of 1880/min
Cylinder Power: 30 hp
Displacement Power: 18.95 hp / l
Power to weight ratio: 0.89 kg / hp
Piston load: 0.265 hp / cc
Installed weight: 232 kg
Fuel gasoline (min. 78 octane) in cruise flight: about 60 liters / hour
Highest Propeller diameter: 2300 mm
Firing order: 1-5-4-8-7-2-6-3
Of rotation of the crankshaft: right
Reduction gear: no
Maximum cylinder temperature: 285 ° C
Idling speed: 350 rpm
Limiting speed for a minute throttled swoop: 2600 rpm
D-EKLU engine


Engine Mounting and Motor AS 10C, built in D-EKLU

D-EKLU AS 10C - Testrun