Adventure Playground

Here we would like to present a part of our family-friendly concept, the adventure playground.

From experience it is known that families with children have liked to visit an airfield, but there arises even boredom, when little of interest to see. For a second or even third visit, something "persuasion" shall be necessary.

For this and for families to visit us often and gladly , we have planned an adventure playground. This playground will be integrated into our events , e.g. a skid competition, etc.. Childs can be watched by direct view from the cafe / bistro.

Which playground eqipment are planned?  

Who can better support us as users, in this case, interested kids (see picture left: after first questions).

We will therefore asking for respond in nurseries and schools and try in a little competition with prizes for choosing the bests, interesting and desired playground equipment.

Then, of course, decision shall be neccessary against given requirements, e.g. estimated costs, investments, cost of maintenance and upkeep, maximum utilization of the property, etc..

Below, you will find some pictures of possible playground equipment and devices: