Dear guests!

Dear friends of the Fieseler Stork!

The club "Fieseler Stork for Kassel e.V." was founded by pilots, aviation enthusiasts and fans of vintage aircraft in 2005 in order, to restore airworthy an original Fieseler Storch Fi156, manufactured in 1943 by the Gerhard Fieseler factory in Kassel-Waldau and to present it later.

Founding members and participants of the inaugural meeting in 2005 were:
Dr. Joachim Schnell, Hartmut Fischer, Berthold Brown, Alfred Spindelberger, Ernst Bloch and Herbert Lindenborn.

The former and first board of the club consisted of the members of Dr. Joachim Fast (1st Board), Hartmut Fischer (Treasurer) and Berthold Brown (Secretary). Lately, the club members of the "first daya" are added: Klaus-Dieter Hessenmüller, Axel Sauer, Dr. Thomas Arnold, Hermann Klein and Hermann Riede. More followed.

With the aim of establishing the Fieseler Stork at the regional airport Kassel-Calden EDVK in a family-oriented environment and according to an ambitious plan, the Board currently active in May, 2013, elected at the request of the Office of Management and articles of the club.

Dr. Joachim Schnell (former 1st Board) became honorary membership. Similar to the past, he continue his activities and engagement for the club involved.

Persons and Companies

We would like to express our thanks for the time being and in particular to express to JS and KH (this two guys already know who we mean), without their tremendous commitment this project would have failed at an early stage with security and would have not even started.

We also wish to thank the participating aeronautical company (LTBs) who have addressed this ambitious project with commitment:

Eichelsdörfer, Bamberg (overhaul of the entire airframe) https://www.flugzeug-eichelsdoerfer.de/

- Moto Bende, Königswinter (overhaul engine, suspension and brakes)

- Piper Maintenance Company Ltd., Calden (installation of electronic equipment)

and our test pilot and instructor Claus Cordes, as well as the part of the persons at Aviation Authority LBA.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the City of Kassel, in particular the Cultural Office, Ms. Rhiemeier and Dr. Gaulke as representative and project officers of the Museum of Astronomy and History of Technology. Our thanks continue the Flughafen GmbH Kassel-Calden www.flughafenkassel.de
, especially the local managers Jörg Ries and Rolf Hedderich and Dr. Tobias Busch. Without the support and kindness by aforementioned, this project would not have been possible in its implementation and quality.

We should like to mention the "Regierungspräsidum Kassel", in particular, here, Regierungspräsident Dr. Walter Lübcke and Stefan Steinmetz as head of

the responsible aviation department.

We would also like to express our special thanks to our sponsors and supporters, who have encouraged us not only with money and materials, but also with

tips and "courage" to complete this very demanding project and to create values ​​for the next generations. We can not display names at this point because

our sponsors and supporters are "on the road" in many non-profit projects and prefer "quiet gratitude". With many tips and dedicated support during the repairs, our examiner Alfons Wagner has always helped us. Although he would rather work in silence, at this point "Thank you very much".

However, our thanks also to the many and not mentionable here in detail unfortunately supporters and "collaborators". With infinite trouble and patience, commitment and love in the restoration of such a unique aircraft, with the use of their own resources, with many unpaid hours of work, with the free of own vehicles, tools, paint, etc., eventually became a wonderful and high quality result achieved (just look at times!).
Our photo documentary photo book restoration D EKLU to the condition of the aircraft at the beginning of the restoration (simply put: in about scrap) and at the end: airworthy and with the approval as "normal plane" (can run all over the world as "normal" aircraft without restrictions be!) gives an idea about the quantity and quality of the work.
The result, a superbly restored Fieseler Stork as he rolled back in 1943, the halls of the Gerhard Fieseler Werke in Kassel, in the coming years and decades, the public at the regional airport Kassel Calden, in a population-related presentation, additional "Events" and family-oriented environment, are available and are a main attraction there safely.
As the world-known and positively occupied product of Kassel company, we will often demonstrate the Fieseler Stork to showcase its unique flight characteristics on the fly and hereby many interested parties, not only from Germany, lead to Kassel and Calden, where we are based on previous contacts and ongoing inquiries very safe!
Yours "Fieseler Stork for Kassel e.V."