An average of 40,000 hits/month on our website

01/11/2013 19:17

Although our website is published in July, 2013, it recorded with respect to the requests until last month (about 70000 hits) enormous momentum. Most requests are made from the USA, followed by Germany, England and China. Since we are now to be found by search engines, we hope to have a further upward trend. With the same encreasing rate - roughly doubling the number of hits/month -  and by extrapolation linearly, the visit of the entire world population on our website shall be possible. If this is a "natural process", we expect increase according to a exponential function. Then we have achieved our goal at the end of 2014 and we may commercialize our club with a billion value by going to market. 

Apperently, a lot of introverted visitors are visiting us. They leave without comment in our guestbook, prefere no contacts and even do not give us the famous Facebook thumb.
Perhaps this will change within time. Even it is noticed, that we are very nice people (I'm nice, of course) and we are very happy about anyone, who contact us.