04/12/2013 00:09

The planned presentation and exhibition building is the location - perfectly visible, easy parking, a large area of the apron of the airport is available, neighboring land and halls are also available - ideal for exhibitions, fairs , etc.. Furthermore and for the use of the environment in the winter months, the building shall be use for museum presentations and cultural events. Aforementioned is considered in the following.
Classic Cars & Classic Planes

Classic cars and classic planes shall be presented in operation and in static display.

Hall flight demonstrations for model aircraft
In cooperation with the German Aero Club Aero Club and the German model airplane association DMFV demonstrations of electric motor -driven flight models are performed in the hall, especially during the winter months.

Classic Planes Fly In to presentation and exhibition hall " Fieseler Storch ".
"Flying Legends" visit as part of a "Fly In" the Regional Airport Kassel-Calden and are available to visitors for visit and for passenger flights.

Cultural Events
For the " utilization of the building ," to position an appealing "platform" for young artists in collaboration with the "Culture Performer" be featured cultural performances from low admission prices offered.

Exhibitions and Exchanges
To use the hall and the rooms as well as the environment's - performed exhibitions and exchanges - mainly in spring and autumn , and in cooperation with renowned companies:
- Vintage aircraft and vehicle parts
- Used parts/spare parts for aircraft and vintage vehicles
- Model aircrafts and ships
Exhibitions and events in coordination and cooperation with the Technology Museum Kassel and other Technology Museums