Presentation Hall

21/11/2017 11:28

By a plenary session of the last Friday, the construction of the planned presentation hall was approved.
Unfortunately and regarding to the existing funds, the hall have to be constructed in scaled down version.
The hall (heat-insulated, heated, large areas of light, elaborate floor) has a eaves height of 5.2 m, the external dimensions are 25mx20m, the roller shutter has the dimensions 14,0mx4,0m. Due to the structural design (by 6m elements), the hall can be easily extended.
After the final survey of the property, the order shall be placed immediately or in parallel, for using the hall as soon as possible in the coming year. According to our usage concept, we will then present more vintage aircraft and objects on the aviation of former Kassel companies, provide artists with a platform for musical performances, inspire 
young people by projects for aviation and technology, and
arranging meetings about vintage plane parts, fly-in's and drive-in's. Also the
Fieseler-Storch flight simulator of the UNI Kassel will be firmly established on one
steel structured platform in the hall.