Land for the construction of our exibition building

30/09/2013 23:40

With notarization, the club got a property on the new Regional Airport Kassel-Calden for building a presentation and exhibition hall for the Fieseler Storch D EKLU exhibition and other objects. According to an ambitious and family-oriented exhibition concept (touch and taking place inside expressly allowed by agreement with the staff!) the Fieseler Storch, more rarities and additional aeronautical components of the former Kassel aircraft design and aircraft industries are presented.

Joint exhibitions take place in addition to the technic museum in Kassel.

By cooperation partners it is possible, to sit at the controls on an aircraft by themselves.

A large playground with aviation affine play equipment, a giant slide from the roof, climbing wall, restoration with roof terrace and beer garden, as well as many events in the context of driving and flying vintage cars, are wshall be a main attraction at the Regional Airport Kassel Calden and for the entire region.