Request for participation in a movie: "The last Dog Fight during WWII"

11/11/2015 12:31

"The last Dog Fight during WWII":

Lt. Duane Francies and his observer, Lt. William Martin, shot down a Fieseler Storch during the last WWII dog fight. He flew an "unarmed" reconnaissance machine in the form of a Piper L4 Grasshopper (the
military version of a J-3 Cub) against a "unarmed" Fieseler Storch FI 156.

The Storch was shot down by using a Colt .45s for firing into windshield, fuel tanks and right wing. After this, the Storch began circling and his right wing hit the ground.

The German pilot dived behind a huge pile, hands raised.
While it was the last Luftwaffe plane lost on the western front, this Storch was also the only German plane shot down by pistol fire during the Second World War.