The Fieseler Stork is fit again

07/10/2014 22:02

After engine failures - no power and misfires, alternately on both ignition circuits - at first the spark plugs are inspected and replaced (Where do you get spark plugs for the Argus engine of the Fieseler Stork?) After 1st test runs still showed problems too, we startet a concerted action with the company  MotoBende (ARGUS specialist) for further exchange of components (again the spark plugs) and a overall cleaning shall be executed. After a ground test run and an extensive flight test under various operating conditions with short take-off, the stork has been reported as completely flightless again.

The motor runs quietly in the prior run, has both magnets almost no drop in speed and turns in cruise flight at about 1850U / min. Satisfactory performance was detected by short take-offs with continuous climbing up to 3000ft..


At this point a particularly warm thank to Peter Holloway,

who send us original spark plugs.