11/07/2014 20:35

The Fieseler Stork is greeting vintage cars from the air

On Sunday, July 13, 2014, the event "Horsepower, Picnic and Baroque" (https://automobiles-kulturgut.org/html/events.php) takes place on the arena "Hessenkampfbahn" in Kassel.

Regarding to planned joint operations with the technical museums and the "vintage scene" on wheels (Wings meet Wheels - WMW), the Fieseler Storch is is visiting this event from the air.

At first, landing and re-start wa splanned. Depending to potential risks, this action was rejected and replaced by several slow overflights, for clearly illustration characteristics of the Fieseler Stork and the great engine noise.

We hope, that the weather on Sunday is great and forecasted thunderstorms will avoid Kassel.




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