The Stork got "heart and circulatory problems"

04/10/2013 22:43

You may be surprised that there is something quiet around the " stork " and it was no longer visible on Kassels sky. Reason were and are the engine problems with engine misfires at about 1,650 r / min. With this speed, the Fieseler Storch can just start to fly and travel. After a long search with first guesses a faulty ignition, wrong injectors, vacuum in the right tank , errors in the tank ventilation through a corroded flutter valve, the too small diameter of a fuel line, carburetor problems, etc., could ultimately localized the fault to be in the right tank at a fuel, which did not meet the original production and material specifications.
Since the same is assumed for the left tank, now both wing tanks and its fuel lines must be removed by an aeronautical specialist company ( LTB ), then checked and replaced.
After static testing and in several flight conditions, we are looking hopefully forward for the complete correction of the fault. Then the Fieseler Stork shall be come back Kassel-Calden asap and then be sure to see more often there in the sky.