The stork is healthy back in the nest (Airport Kassel-Calden), soon

24/10/2013 21:14

By opening the wings and tanks, it has been shown that our guess was right and the pipes in the tanks were clear to see as broken.
After exchanging the lines against approved, the installation of the tank, partial covering of the wing and their partial painting, the Stork "shines" as before .
Since the first test flights have shown the proper function of the engine under all conditions - is buzzing like a bee and is stronger than ever - the Stork is prepared to transfer it to Kassel-Calden.
Again, the club was financially engaged to maintain this aircraft for the region, for the city and for the citizens of Kassel.  Also, the enormous engagement of club members have to be published.
So, if it should be possible to support us via donations, we will thank you in advance!